I am trying to prove a point .please, reblog this if you prefer trucks over cars.

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Anyone got any ideas for a country/rock/pop girl group of 3?

We have a gig in October and no band name

We are thinking either penny rose, platinum rose, or triple threat..

If you have any ideas please message me!! ASAP

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Twelve months ago, my heart raced at the sign of a new text from you. Today, I lie in bed at 9pm telling you I’m going to sleep, just so I don’t have to wait for your slow replies.

It’s better to have no conversation than one that isn’t going anywhere at all.

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I suck at being a girlfriend… I shouldn’t be allowed to have a boyfriend. I’m an idiot.

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If she’s having bad day, take her down backroads, pull to the side of the road, and dance to some George Strait. It could make her day much better.

That’s how it’s done

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"Beautiful" and "Hun"

Are a lot better than

"Hot" and "babe"

I’m a person not a temperature 😁

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